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Aurora Salmon

The flamboyant display of the northern light, or Aurora Borealis, flickers and dances across the waters where we produce our salmon. This salmon is mostly served raw in the Far East.

World class sushi salmon

We produce our salmon in fjords, surrounded by the magnificent landscape of northern Norway with its spectacular light. This unique product is extremely popular with the best sushi chefs in Japan, and is served as top-quality sushi and sashimi. The long, bright summer nights of northern Norway, with its rays of the midsummer night sun and its short winter days, when the flamboyant northern light dances in the air – it all puts a mark on our Aurora Salmon® - a brand that has been developed especially for the Japanese market. In 2006, several prominent fish experts from Japan visited Norway with only one goal in mind; finding the best sushi salmon in the world.

After tasting salmon from the waters along the entire Norwegian coast, they chose the salmon that was cultivated in the waters of northern Norway, under the spectacle of the Aurora Borealis. Only 36 hours after our salmon is harvested from these waters, they can be found under the chopsticks of happy and hungry Japanese. Since then, Aurora Salmon® has grown into a recognised brand in Japan and is regarded as the best salmon for sushi.


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