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Lerøy Seafood Nederland was founded in 1988 as a family company.

At the time it still carried the name Rodé Vis and the company was a pioneer in processing and smoking Norwegian farmed salmon.

Since then, Rodé Vis has become an international salmon producer with 5 production locations at Urk. Because of the different factories and constant supply of salmon from Norway, Rodé Vis has the capacity to meet the demand of modern food professionals and retailers.

To be able to manage the entire chain, Rodé Vis became part of Lerøy Seafood Group in 2012. This company is represented in 14 different countries and produces 5 million meals every day.

Since 2016, Rodé Vis has come fully under the management of Lerøy Seafood and from 1 January 2022, this transition will be completed with the re-branding to Lerøy Seafood Netherlands.