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Lerøy Seafood Group is one of the largest fishing companies in the world. We live off the natural resources that are produced in the sea and we must make sure that these resources are well-managed, so that we can also enjoy the beautiful products from the sea in the future.

Lerøy Seafood Group strives to find the most environmentally friendly and sustainable systems for our products by means of close collaboration with our customers, our suppliers and transport operators.

Lerøy Seafood Group is continuously looking for improvements that reduce pollution and product the environment. The company contributes to that in various ways. Our boats, for example, do not only catch the best whitefish there is, but also plastic and waste. The latter is taken to waste processing plants according to the ‘Fishing for litter’ programme.

Also, many of our fishing nets are recycled into yarn which is then turned into garments such as swimming trunks and coats.

Lerøy is also working to replace the present diesel-driven feeders with green, hybrid ones. After completion of this process, CO2 emission should be reduced by 40,000 tonnes.

These are only a few examples of how Lerøy Seafood Group works daily at making the production processes more sustainable and the world a bit greener. For more news and initiatives, go to and Environment and society.